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Quick Spanish lesson

Generally, it takes more words in Spanish to convey the same thing that can be said in English with fewer words. But there are three words that I like very much in Spanish which each express what English requires two or more words for.

1) zafar (“szah-far”) which means “to get away with”, “to avoid”, or “to free oneself from trouble”. For example: “Zafaste!” (You got away with it!) or “Zafé!” (I avoided trouble!”)

2) quitar (“key-tar”) which means “to remove”, “to take off/up”, or “to deprive”. For example: “Me quité los zapatos.” (I took off my shoes) or “El trabajo me quita mucho tiempo.” (Work takes up a lot of my time.”)

3) madrugar (“mah-droo-gar”) which means “to get up early”. For example: “Tengo que madrugar el lunes.” (I need to get up early on Monday). 

Pretty efficient stuff!

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