Overheard in San Francisco

Four years ago I came to San Francisco for the first time, and the conversations in this awesome city took me by surprise in their randomness and entertainment value.

Last week I spent a few amazing days there, staying with a good friend, Erika, and basking in the brilliance of this diverse place. There were more gems to be heard, so here’s the sequel!

San Fran houses

• “Have some pizza, but only women and children! Men, you can suck on that, coz it’s women and children first!” – man giving away pizza on Haight Street

• “WOOF! Hahaha.” – a (likely) homeless man to Enzo, Erika’s dog

• “Oh shit, you really scared me, just as well I love you so much because when I jammed it in there you really gave me a fright!” – a guy on Haight St after putting a piercing in his girlfriend’s ear

• “No talking please, we’re rolling and your voices are carrying.” – production crew member outside Erika’s place

• “Yo, I got a CD, I’ve recorded the story of my life, my kids, my music, you wanna buy this, twenty dollars only!” – man on Haight St trying to sell me a CD about his life. (He really needs to go digital)

• “Oh heeeeey baaaabe.” – dude on Haight St holding a sign that read ‘CAN YOU SPARE WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKET? I LOVE YOU’

• “A demon-fucking-stration? You gotta be kidding me. I don’t see no demonstration, you full o’ sheeit!” – a man on the bus to the driver after we were told to get off because of a demonstration

• “Walk faster, honey! I wanna see that JIGGLE!” – a man to a beautiful African American woman walking past him


One thought on “Overheard in San Francisco

  1. Rachel Firth says:

    I love the last one the most 🙂

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