7 dishes from Pyrmont restaurant, Graze

Last night a fellow food-loving friend and I tested out Graze, a restaurant that’s been open in Pyrmont for just over a year.

The aptly named venue specialises in grazing style dishes to share. Here’s what we grazed on:

1) Thyme gnocchi, zucchini, olives, woodside goats cheese, pickled cherry tomatoes 

The gnocchi were super tender and the cherry tomatoes exploded with sweetness. My favourite of the evening. 9/10


2) Cauliflower milkshake, Jamón & cheese toasty

A warm, savoury milkshake – sounds odd, right? But it was delicious. Graze’s signature dish. 9/10


3) Salad of zucchini flowers, baby zucchini, goats curd, candied olives

The best thing about this dish was the candied olives – what a discovery! Super yum. 8/10


4) Maple smoked ocean trout, cucumber & lemon crème fraiche

Just look at that picture. Perfectly cooked and the crème fraiche with cucumber was an excellent complement. 8/10


5) Twice cooked pork belly, aromatic sweet corn & capsicum salsa, basil olive oil

Can’t go wrong with pork belly. Corn isn’t my ideal companion for pork, but they made it work. 8.5/10


6) Espresso brulee, poached rhubarb

Topping was nicely done but I found the brulee a little thick. 6/10


7) Mango Eaton Mess, salted caramel jelly

The caramel jelly was excellent against the crunchy meringue and cream. Yum! 8/10




6 thoughts on “7 dishes from Pyrmont restaurant, Graze

  1. planeters says:

    Everything looks really good!! Interesting blog you got here Solange, following you now :o)

  2. Solange says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Larissa Dobbin says:

    The espresso brulee looks very enticing! It’s my first time to have encountered one. And the caramel jelly definitely makes a great dessert. Those are, indeed, some amazing choices of food.=)

  4. Solange says:

    They were soooo good!

  5. Joseph Carr says:

    The first dish looks yummy and healthy! I would like to try those tomatoes. How about that Mango Eaton Mess? It’s mouthwatering! You surely know how to pick a restaurant that serves good food.

  6. Solange says:

    Sometimes it’s luck of the draw but I haven’t been disappointed often, especially in Sydney!

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