The future: Some predictions

It’s fascinating to think about the future. What will people wear? Drive? What will excite them? What will be cool? What’ll they eat? How will they view the world, and how will they view history? And most importantly, WILL THERE BE HOVERBOARDS?!

A particular area that really interests me is that of changing attitudes and beliefs. What will our grandkids think of the music and art we love? What will their views be on major events in history? Who knows what the future will bring, but here are some of my predictions:

  • The generation of my grandkids will be disgusted to learn that recycling wasn’t always the norm. The thought of landfills overflowing with items that could’ve been transformed into something else will repulse them.
  • New papers will emerge at University to teach the history of communication before the introduction of mobile phones. Our descendents will be fascinated and shocked to learn about how back in the day, we had to make arrangements to meet people with advance notice, and we could not be late. 
  • The next few years will see a movement that seeks to bring back surprise and spontenaity into peoples’ lives. Not Another Bill has caught onto this and offers a subscription service where you get sent surprise gifts in the mail each month. Simple and effective.
  • Travel will become more expensive before it gets cheaper. Travel companies will create opportunities for travellers to experience something new within their own countries. 
  • Accommodation will go back to basics. Chains like Tune Hotels will offer guests the bare essentials, with upgradable extras available if necessary.
  • Direct mail will make a comeback! Yes, we will get awesome mail like scented flyers and inspiring visuals in the post. 
  • When people die they will be buried with a USB stick or a disk that has photos and information about them on it. Update: They already have QR Codes on headstones, which is far more practical than USB sticks. 
  • Human cloning and organ harvesting will eventually commence, close to 2100. It won’t be quite like Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor’s predicament in The Island, but will have a comparable end goal. (As long as it’s not like Never Let Me Go – that movie was a downer!)
  • Just as we sometimes dream about the ‘simpler days’ when checking your inbox could only be done once a day when the postman arrived, people in the future will dream of the simpler days when your every move and communication wasn’t recorded. (This one isn’t far off). 
  • The travel industry begins to promote connectivity-free packages for travellers who are truly seeking to tune out, similar to Swedish telecom provider Telia’s creation of ‘internet-free zones’ in various parts of Sweden. 
  • Renting a person for a few hours or a day becomes perfectly acceptable. In parts of China people already rent people for non-sexual companionship.
  • With land space become increasingly more expensive, many people who enjoy gardening may not be able to do it. Gardening gyms will open and people will use them for enjoyment and light exercise. I will name mine ‘The Squatanic Garden’.

4 thoughts on “The future: Some predictions

  1. Belinda Thomson says:

    A fun exercise! I also think there will be some sort of cultural reckoning around our obsession with sex, bodies and raunch. We’ll either see a rejection of it, and a return to prudishness, or the old moral codes will completely disappear.

  2. Solange says:

    Yeah, that area is very interesting. I reckon it’ll just happen in waves but some futurists believe that women will see a second era of sexual liberation as the equality between men and women in power roles grows. Who knows!

  3. Esther says:

    Okay mine is probably kind of silly but I think teleport technology will eventually be a reality. Maybe not for a a century or two. And then it will still be super expensive and only for the elite. But over time it will be completely standard and will be used for large volumes/numbers of people – it would be bad for airlines and logistics companies etc, although they would probably evolve and become teleport companies. In somewhere like London they could refit the tube stations to be teleport stations and you would go in, step into a phonebox-type-thing, and instantly arrive at the teleport station in your chosen destination.

  4. Solange says:

    That would be soooo awesome. But won’t happen in our lifetime 😦 And if it did, I’d be too scared until thorough testing had been carried out. (Have you seen The Fly?)

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