Kobe Jones: 13-course degustation

A few weeks ago the chance to feast on a 13-course degustation at a renowned Sydney restaurant presented itself one evening. How could I resist? Kobe Jones is ‘modern Japanese with a Californian twist’ and the menu did not disappoint. We started with a glass of sparkling wine while Vera read out the delectable menu.


Course 1: Number One Special – crab salad and avocado wrapped in Hiramasa kingfish and baked with secret sauce


Course 2: Sizzled Scallop Sashimi Carpaccio – sizzled with heated virgin olive oil, then drained and drizzled with wasabi pepper sauce


Course 3 & 4: Anago Scallops – tempura Hokkaido scallops stuffed with crab salad and asparagus, drizzled with a bittersweet soy sauce glaze with Seafood Poke – Hawaiian style sashimi cubes marinated in our poke sauce

Course 5: Wagyu Tenderloin Tataki – seared and chilled, served rare with garlic, ginger and ponzu sauce 


Course 6: Sashimi Salad – garden greens topped with fresh sashimi, crab salad and drizzled with ponzu dressing


Course 7: Alaskan Crab – grilled to highlight the sweetness and served in the shell with fresh lime


Course 8: Chicken Kara Age – marinated chicken coated in seasoned potato flour shallow fried, served with teriyaki sauce and chilli mayonaise


Course 9: Hawaiian Roll – prawn, cucumber, burdock root and pineapple chilli jam, topped with tuna and avocado and drizzled with poke sauce and a bittersweet soy glaze


Course 10: Vegetable Tempura – seasonal vegetables served with dipping sauce 


Course 11: Volcano Roll – oven baked scallops layered on a crab salad and avocado roll with our special cream sauce and a sesame seed and shallot sprinkle


Course 12: Wagyu Hot Rock – self-cook your wagyu just the way you like it, served with seasoning and two dipping sauces


Course 13: Ama Ozen: Kobe Jone’s famous selection of dessert samplers with our trademark chocolate chopsticks

My favourites were Courses 1 and 11, and the chocolate fondant with green tea ice-cream on the dessert platter. I’ll be returning to this place!

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2 thoughts on “Kobe Jones: 13-course degustation

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow, that sounds amazing. Crab and wagyu steak, what could be better! I want to go to sydney to try it

  2. Solange says:

    Come! It was amazing!

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