Five of my favourite photography apps

The iPhone is a blessing for photography enthusiasts. I have several photography-related apps on mine and I want to share five of the ones I use the most. The first one is just for laughs, the second is basic but worthwhile but I’m addicted to the final three. Check them out:

5. Camwow (Free)


Camwow is basically Photo Booth on your iPhone and good for a bit of fun. The filters include x-ray, bulge, squeeze, stretch and mirror.

4. Morelomo (Free)


Morelomo is a very basic app but perfect for candid, casual shots of scenery or people. It works well in bright and low light and the result is over-saturation with some distortion. 

3. Hipstamatic (Paid)


Hipstamatic was my first favourite app – it’s simply awesome. With Hipstamatic you can have the romance of the analog camera again. You can swap lens, film and flash settings to create really unique images. I have so much fun playing around with this one.

2. HDR Pro (Paid)


HDR Pro is my latest photography addition and it’s incredible and blows the iPhone’s HDR setting out of the water. HDR Pro captures one image exposed for the highlights and another exposed for the shadows, and combines the two for a perfect image. This image, in case you’re wondering, is of pistachio profiteroles 🙂

1. Instagram (Paid)


Although I love Hipstamatic, HDR Pro and Instagram pretty equally, Instagram has an edge on the other two due to its sharing capabilities. It’s like a mini photo blogging tool with over a dozen filters to turn each photo into a work of art. You give each image a title and tag the location. People can comment on each others’ photos and you can browse through most popular images to find photography styles that you want to follow. An excellent app. 


3 thoughts on “Five of my favourite photography apps

  1. Solange says:

    Honorable mention: 360Panorama. Still haven’t found the perfect setting for it but I’m on the hunt!

  2. Christine Udy says:

    More reasons for me to buy an iphone… love and want want want!!

  3. Solange says:

    Yes! Get one, so useful! 🙂

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