Stuff I collect #randomnumbers blog challenge

Blog 12: Collection

Is there something you are a collector of? What is it? Stamps? My Little Ponies? Tea pots? Power tools? How many do you have? How did you get started?

Travelling for so long last year helped me not collect too much. I used to buy and collect so much of what now seems like junk! I still get the consumerism bug though – at lunch some days I find myself perusing bookstores, pharmacy stores, clothing shops, etc, just looking for something to buy. 9 times out of 10, I don’t need it. 

When I was young I went through a sticker collecting phase (didn’t we all?) followed by stamps. Now I collect a few things, but I never embarked on an actual goal to collect them. Like many things, “it just happened,” and they’re things that I really like having so I don’t consider them a waste. Here are some of them:

– Art from places I’ve travelled to
– Leftover coins and notes from places I’ve travelled to
– Flip books, also from places I’ve travelled to
– My thoughts 
– Anything with owls on it
– Recipe books which I rarely use
– Vanilla-scented beauty products 

What I would like to collect?
– Back to the Future memorablia 
– Antique maps
– Antique letterboxes
– Classic cars
– Japanese art and kimonos 

What do you collect? What would you love to have a collection of?

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