Life lessons: Part 1

This hardly needs an introduction – the words can speak for themselves. Life lessons are those little guidelines that we all learn and live by. These are mine.

42) Never make an assumption about anyone.

41) Know when to speak up, and know when to keep your mouth closed.

40) Compliment people of both sexes and all ages – make them feel special and noticed.

39) You’ll never please everybody. 

38) True freedom of thought and expression only comes when you decide that you don’t care what other people think.

37) It’s easier to not eat it than to work it off.

36) Forgive the little things but make it clear when boundaries have been crossed. And if in doubt, sleep on it.

35) Think outside the square. Mix two different teabags in one cup.

34) Don’t fret over missing socks. Socks will always go missing.

33) Many adults have fancy titles. Don’t let these fool you…

32) Before you give up on understanding something challenging, ask others to explain it to you so you can see it in a different light.

31) Put your body and mind first…..although you might not start doing this until after 25.

30) Use the things you like. Don’t hoard items for a special occasion.

29) Just like in business, when a stranger approaches you it’s usually because they want something. Figure out what that is before they realise you have, and you’ll be one step ahead.

28) Question everything – you’ll gain so much clarity. Moments of true epiphany are like the jigsaw of life falling into place.

27) Knowledge is not power unless you can actually use it. 

26) Keep your morals in check at all times. Sometimes you won’t, but don’t dwell on those times. Just learn.

25) When you’re a child, you think that all adults are after your interest and that of future generations. Later you’ll realise that this is not at all the case.

24) Don’t spend all your time online, watching TV, reading magazines or with people who drain you.

23) Long distance relationships are a challenge like no other.

22) Don’t pursue a career based on money. If you do what you love, you’ll be good at it and money will come.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the other 21 lessons!


2 thoughts on “Life lessons: Part 1

  1. chlobebe says:

    Gosh I love these babe xx

  2. Solange says:

    I’m so glad you like! 🙂 x

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