Tea time! #randomnumbers blog challenge

Blog 9: Tea-totaller
How many types of tea do you have? If the answer is 0 – what’s your alternative?

Tea! My favourite! I start my day with English Breakfast or Earl Grey and end my day with green tea. In between I drink coffee and black tea if I’m working otherwise I like other herbal teas such as peppermint, chamomile, berry or strange, over-priced concoctions that grab my attention. At home in NZ I reckon we have about 20 different types of tea. At my new place in Sydney I’m slowly starting a tea stock so only have two types at the moment. 

By the way, I’m skipping Blog 10 (below) because I don’t have any pot plants. I lose interest and they die. I like cacti though, and succulents.

Blog 10: Green thumbs  

How many pot plants (of a legal nature) do you have? What are they? How many are healthy? If yours are thriving – what is your secret?


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