How to be a traveller in your own city

Recently I wrote a brief guest post on the CheapoAir guest blog site, which hosts posts from travellers all around the world. They also offer cheap airfares. Because the blog is a global one I thought I’d touch on the idea of how to be a traveller in your own city…..

How often have you learnt something new about the place you live in from a visitor? Are there attractions in your hometown that you still haven’t been to? Taking the place you live in for granted is common, after all, “there’s always tomorrow,” but checking out your own city is perfect when you’re tight on time and cash. Here are some helpful hints to make tomorrow come faster:

  • Sign up to e-newsletters about what’s on in and surrounding your city. There may be markets, festivals comedy shows and gigs that you wouldn’t hear of otherwise.
  • Follow popular magazines from your city on Twitter. Many hold competitions so you can win tickets to certain events.
  • Take your camera with you to post photos online and get others excited about nearby attractions or activities.
  • Start a blog about the highlights you’ve come across. Locals and travelers will be grateful for the information you share.
  • Check out iPhone apps about your city – there are many with suggested tourist walks to take.
  • Suggest a brunch, lunch or dinner in an area of the city that you rarely frequent. You don’t need to be doing something “touristy” to enjoy a new part of the city.
  • Be the organizer! Your friends will leap at the chance to go on a day trip somewhere new.

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