Who took my pornos? And other fridge magnets #randomnumbers blog challenge

Blog 8: Magnetism

How many magnets are on your fridge and where did they come from?


The first thing I noticed when taking photos for this blog post was, “Yikes, the fridge is very much overdue for a good dust and clean.” The next thing I noticed is that there are 50 magnets on the fridge, including a few fragments of old fridge magnets (so just the magnetic part) but not including the 150 or so naughty words from an FHM magazine that I bought a few years ago. We’ve had fun with those! I do encourage discretion though so if you have some of these make sure they’re nice and high so your deviant creations cannot be read by children or your 150cm tall grandma. 


Naturally there are lots of travel-related magnets, including little turtles from Costa Rica, a Japanese girl from Japan and a Southern Cross Travel Insurance magnet. I was really happy when I got it because I’ve given them plenty of business over the years so it’s always nice to get something back.*

I also like miniature items so there are a few of those on the fridge including an old Coca Cola dispensing machine and a pan:

Living in New Zealand you never know when the earth will move so it’s good to have the Earthquake Commission phone number handy:


With our family name hailing from culinarily-prolific France we like to think of ourselves as pretty talented when it comes to food (even if it’s just the eating part) so a tubby Francois chef sits on top of a postcard from Belize:


And I like having delicious pizza just a phone call away so Hello Kitty sits on top of the Hell Pizza pamphlet:


Magnets really brighten up the fridge environment and possess the dual benefits of being pretty AND useful which is awesome for an inanimate object because even some people aren’t capable of this. It’s also nice to be reminded of a positive or constructive message before breakfast/lunch/dinner and that’s why the Mafalda^ magnet is one of my faves. The magnet below translates to, “The important thing is not to know, but to have the phone number of someone who does.” Touché.


*I’m being facetious. Southern Cross is the only travel insurance I’ve ever used and I highly recommend them – they’re one of the most competitively priced and have always promptly assisted me with my camera problems. Buy online and you get a discount.

^ Mafalda is a comic strip by an Argentine cartoonist which ran from 1964 to 1973 and featured a young girl, Mafalda. If you speak Spanish, check it out!

3 thoughts on “Who took my pornos? And other fridge magnets #randomnumbers blog challenge

  1. plumbing supplies says:

    It’s funny to read this topic. I kinda like the fridge magnet idea of messaging it is completely effective for leaving notes.

  2. Solange says:

    I agree! It’s like a subtle message every day 😉

  3. plumbing says:

    Give it value. Have a coupon code imprinted on the magnet. You could even turn it into a gift certificate. For another option, go with the look of play money.

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