The city uniform #randomnumbers blog challenge

Blog 7: The city uniform

How many black tops do you own?

Like (I imagine) most girls, I own far too much black. But black is easy. It is considered professional, it goes with all colours, it’s slimming and elegant. Plus, you don’t hear the catch phrase “X is the new white/pink/red/blue” etc. You only hear “X is the new BLACK” and things are the new black because black is awesome. 


I can’t actually count how much black I have because it’s all a big mess right now, but going from memory I’d say that I have a total of about 10 black tops not including jackets or cardis or dresses. It’s actually not very much – I don’t own a lot of clothes now and I did not buy many things in 2010 but with a new job on the horizon I’ll undoubtedly be adding a few more black pieces to my collection soon. 


I am trying to incorporate more colour now though and I prefer bold ones like blues, reds and greens. But failing that, there’s always the ability to accessorize with bright necklaces, earrings and headbands. 


Other things I like black:

– My coffee

– My tea

– Cars

– People (I like all colours and types of those!)

– Cats and panthers

– Tuxedos

Indian ink and charcoal for art

– The “Man in Black”, Johnny Cash


– Shoes

– Corsets and lingerie

– The NZ Rugby team

– Swans

– Holes (black holes)

– MJ’s song Black or White

– My accounts


Things I definitely don’t like black:

– Blackmail

– Blacklists

– A black day, such as Black Friday

– Black magic

The Black Death

Black triangle

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