What is a Love Bomb?

Recently I joined a project called Love Bomb. It’s part of ItStartsWith.Us and is run by Lauren Lankford. You can follow Love Bomb on Twitter here or Lauren here.

What is it? Well, every week the team of Love Bombers drops a Love Bomb on someone who truly needs support. They may be struggling with grief, illness….anything at all. 

This week we dropped a Love Bomb on a woman called Summer. Last week she lost her father who was only 59 to cancer, and her post about her grief is no easy read. It’s heart-wrenching, in fact:

I dread nighttime when all goes silent. The pain in my heart seems to intensify. The emptiness I feel makes my entire body ache. I sob each night. I don’t just cry, I scream. I shake. Tears soil my pillow. I have an uncontrollable urge to hold him. To hear his voice. But I can’t.

It’s very difficult knowing what to say to someone who’s going through such pain. But previous recipients of Love Bombs have been so grateful with these random messages of love. Another Love Bomb recipient, Jeff, who lost his parents in a car accident a few months ago said,

“An army of strangers has helped me smile for the 1st time since this all began. I have no idea who you are or how we’re connected, but thank you.”

If you want to get on the team of Love Bombers, you can do so here.


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