The random numbers blog challenge #randomnumbers

The 30daysofme blog challenge was enjoyable but a little melodramatic at times, so I’m stoked to see a very cool new challenge thought up by the lovely Josie Campbell. The challenge is called ‘Random Numbers’ and it’s based on random things in your house and the number of each. 

The blog topics are: 

Blog 1: Music snobs

Look at your music library – records, CDs, iTunes. How many albums do you have on each? How many hours on iTunes? Do you love any albums so much you have purchased them in multiple formats?


Blog 2: Shoes

How many pairs do you have? Breakdown into dressy, sporty, casual. Post a photo of your favourite pair and say why.


Blog 3: Look at me

How many photos of you are there on Facebook? (Tagged – it shows when you go to your profile). Post one – not the one that makes you hottest, but one that shows you having the most fun.


Blog 4: Drink up

How many bottles are in your liquor cabinet, cupboard, fridge? What’s your fave?


Blog 5: Help in the kitchen

How many kitchen appliances do you have? Which one couldn’t you live without?


Blog 6: Say cheese

How many types of cheese do you have in your fridge?


Blog 7: The city uniform

How many black tops do you own?


Blog 8: Magnetism

How many magnets are on your fridge and where did they come from?


Blog 9: Tea-totaller

How many types of tea do you have? If the answer is 0 – what’s your alternative?


Blog 10: Green thumbs  

How many pot plants (of a legal nature) do you have? What are they? How many are healthy? If yours are thriving – what is your secret?


Blog 11: Bookworm

How many books do you own? How many library books do you have out? Any collections of authors (e.g. I own 27 Agatha Christie books). How many are currently living by your bed?


Blog 12: Collection

Is there something you are a collector of? What is it? Stamps? My Little Ponies? Tea pots? Power tools? How many do you have? How did you get started?


Sounds fun, huh!

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