Music – the #randomnumbers blog challenge

Here goes the first post!

Blog 1: Music snobs

Look at your music library,– records, CDs, iTunes. How many albums do you have on each? How many hours on iTunes? Do you love any albums so much you have purchased them in multiple formats?

I own very few CDs now. I used to have heaps more but I sold many, and I rarely buy them now. All up, I estimate that I have 70 or 80 CDs. I don’t have any records but I’m drawn to their appeal and I like looking through other peoples’ record collections. 

Some old cassette tapes linger in my music library…for example Michael Jackson’s Thriller. One of the first tapes I remember owning was one I received as a gift when I was about 11. It was Ace of Base. Before that I’d been predominantly exposed to the popular artists of the late 80’s that Mum & Dad would assign as the soundtrack for all our NZ road trips. Consequently, I still hold a special place for Enya. 

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