Top 6 must-see places in Argentina

Perhaps I’m feeling nostalgic. Perhaps I’ve got the travel bug again (back with a vengeance, kinda like the bedbug problem in the States right now). Or perhaps I’m just in a sharing mood. Whatever the reason may be, I’m compelled to retrace my steps from March to May of this year and announce my top 6 spots in Argentina. 

6) Iguazu 
Laid-back and tropical, Iguazu is a nature-lover’s haven. Do you want to see animals or do you want to stand in awe at the mouth of a huge waterfall? Here you can have both, and in a town that is friendly, arty and has excellent accommodation at very reasonable prices. Plus, it’s only 18 hours from Buenos Aires in the most comfortable buses you’ve ever been in. 

5) Bariloche
Surrounded by lakes and mountains, San Carlos de Bariloche is perfect for water-sports, skiing and trekking. But if you’re not so inclined then you can just go there to eat amazing chocolate, thanks to its history of Swiss settlers.

4) Ushuaia
“The end of the world” is fierce and edgy – not to be messed with or taken for granted. Home to a plethora of wildlife, Ushuaia is the last port of call before the perilous Cape Horn, where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet in a savage encounter. 

3) El Calafate
Popular with trekkers, El Calafate sits on Lago Argentino and is only 80kms from the majestic Perito Moreno Glacier. If you’re lucky, you’ll witness a piece of ice detach from the glacier and smash into the water below with thunder-like clap of menacing sound. 

2) Cafayate
Close to the northern city of Salta is a town called Cafayate – red, rocky and dry. What makes it so beautiful to me is the contrast between the rusty tones of the earth and the deep blues of the sky….and also the quality of the wine that comes from here.

1) Buenos Aires
What can I say? This is the real deal. A true nocturnal city where the traffic is frightening and the meat is abundant. Architectural beauty, enormous streets, ham and cheese toasted sandwiches, dog poo, subway queues, San Telmo markets, Boca Juniors, dulce de leche, Palermo cafes, Recoleta shops….it doesn’t end. I love this city, and not only because it’s my place of birth, but because it’s a delicious combination of European sophistication with Latin-American passion.



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One thought on “Top 6 must-see places in Argentina

  1. Kelly says:

    Wicked post! But makes me wish I was back in Argentina. I’m glad Cafayate made it on your list, but I totally missed your side of Iguazu – the nature for sure but I totally missed the artsy town and excellent accommodation, although our hostel was pretty sweet. Love how traveling does that 😉 Hope you’re settling in back home and not missing it too much! xx

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