Day 29: What I have learnt in the past month #30daysofme

Over the past month I’ve learnt that it’s quite a challenge to do a daily blog post, especially if you don’t always like the topics! But it’s been a great challenge and I’ve enjoyed applying myself. 

Most of all, I’ve enjoyed reading other peoples’ entries….some have been very entertaining, enlightening and clever. 

Other things I’ve learnt in the last month:
  • Apparently in Disneyland they pump out food aromas so you feel more hungry
  • Also apparently in Las Vegas clubs they pump out oxygen so you can go for longer 
  • A large proportion of men who are in Vegas appear to have read ‘The Game’ and claim to be in nurturing jobs such as child psychology or pediatrics
  • The Purple Heart Trail is a symbolic route that runs through USA to commemorate those who have been wounded or killed in combat while serving in the US armed forces
  • Air Tahiti does really good food
  • Mustang Convertibles are hot but not recommended for more than two people – you’re better off with a Chrysler mini-van
  • West Hollywood is a gay district 
  • You can pretty much get high without trying if you walk through Santa Barbara’s State St at night
  • Al Capone died from syphilis

2 thoughts on “Day 29: What I have learnt in the past month #30daysofme

  1. Alex says:

    “The Game”! I knew a guy who read that book and became convinced he could now have women fawning at his feet by wearing a silly hat (it’s a opening point for conversation, you see) and giving underhanded compliments (it simultaneously flatters and disarms her, you see). It was painfully comical to watch as it gradually dawned on him a book won’t give you mind control powers and suddenly make you irrestible. Surprised he didn’t buy some pheromone aftershave to go with it.

  2. Solange says:

    Hahaha classic! I did hear about the underhanded compliments….if done right, I can see how they might work. But the silly hat – I’m not so sure about that!

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