Day 28: A picture of me last year and now – how have I changed? #30daysofme


This time last year I went to Thailand, resigned from my job and was planning my 7-month trip for 2010. A year later I am still traveling (well, returned today), still unemployed and wondering what the next few months will bring. I have changed in many ways – I am no longer scared of uncertainty…in fact, it is routine that frightens me. I am more relaxed than I was before but am quicker to ditch situations or people that don’t have anything to offer.

Each country I’ve been to this year has taught me a little more about people, history and culture. However, I’m no closer to finding the answer to “what I’m supposed to do with my life” – maybe ignorance really is bliss because the more you see, the more you want. 

Physically I’ve not changed much other than letting my natural hair colour grow out, and maybe I have a few more smile lines 🙂



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