So, what’s this crazy trip I got myself into?

A couple of weeks ago many of you helped me with votes so I could win a spot for 91ZM’s Ultimate California Girls Road Trip which left Auckland on the 26th of September. The final team was Rachel, Andre, Eunsoo and myself and in the past 8 or so days we’ve hit up West Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Monterey Bay, San Francisco, Vegas and Anaheim. Tomorrow we fly to Tahiti for a night before returning to NZ. 

What can I say? I’m wrecked! We’ve been on the move every day and partying like there’s no tomorrow, so it was only a matter of time before it caught up with me. The throat is in quite a state but I’ve had so much fun. Some of our highlights/most memorable moments:

  • Going to the gay bars in West Hollywood 
  • Meeting Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas
  • Dancing in San Fran and several Vegas Clubs till the wee hours
  • Checking out Alcatraz
  • Driving a mini-van around California
  • Hanging out with The Cataracs (the group that mixed our song of the trip, “Like a G6
  • Laughing at all our blond moments 

Now will be time to start getting serious when I get back….unless I finally pick the right Lotto ticket!

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