Day 19: Nicknames I have and why #30daysofme

It's easy to get nicknames when you have a weird name. I've had some real doozies with the pronunciation of my name but it often leads to entertaining results.

  • My family calls me Soli which is pronounced in an Argentinean accent, not a Kiwi/Samoan/other Pacific Island accent. So it's not Solly or Solay and I actually don't really like anyone other than my family calling me this. (There are one or two exceptions).

  • Many of my good friends call me Sol which I do really like.

  • Yvette calls me a number of things, one being Syringe Fransauce. This is a direct result of other people's mispronunciations.

  • My old work colleagues call me Sillyinge or Solingy. This is fine and I like it but only when it comes from them.

  • Jo calls me Travel Bud because we have traveled lots together.

  • Fraser often calls me Flange – this is associated with how some people pronounce the second half of my name with an American accent instead of British. I don't like it when that happens, but I do like Flange.

  • Christine calls me Frilly because it matches what I call her. Only Christine can call me this.

  • Rachel calls me Camille because that is my alter-ego name on our trip.


One thought on “Day 19: Nicknames I have and why #30daysofme

  1. Christine Udy says:

    Hehehehe love you, my Frilly! xx

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