Day 3: A picture of you and your friends #30daysofme


This photo was taken in June. It’s two days after Tessa’s wedding which I flew up to Holland from Paris to attend. Jessie (left) is from Germany and she drove over to Amsterdam, picked me up at the airport and we drove to Noordwijk together. Both myself and Jessie have been friends with each other and Tessa (centre) since around 2004 or even before….I can’t quite remember.

Before this June I’d met these girls in person only once (in 2006), but we’ve shared a lot with each other through good old fashioned letters since and before then.

I love this photo because it reminds me of three things. One, how great friendships can be built over great distances. Two, with the right people it’s not mandatory to be there in the flesh all the time. And three, amazing bonds can still be forged with pen and paper in the 21st century. 


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2 thoughts on “Day 3: A picture of you and your friends #30daysofme

  1. Liria says:

    ¡Hermoso, Soli!!!

  2. Solange says:

    Gracias, tia 🙂

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