And a few more travel tricks

The third installment of my travel tips and hints saga (after this one and this one).

  • An iPod Touch is the perfect travel companion if you don’t want to carry a laptop with you. You can connect to the net when there is wi-fi, take notes, use Skype, email, Facebook and Twitter, record voice memos, check the weather, plan with the calendar, download maps, check-in for flights, read books, play games, listen to your music and with a multitude of useful apps, much more!
  • Buy a drawer sachet to put into your suitcase – keeps everything smelling fresh. I love lavender or vanilla.
  • Don’t take the entire bottle of your favourite perfume/cologne. I carry The Body Shop’s Chrome Atomizer – also great for nights out back home!
  • Take an external harddrive with you to save your photos as you go.
  • Use to hire your car around the world. They act as a middle-man between you and various agents, so you get a better deal.
  • When traveling with a group, carry a small notebook and pen at all times so you can record how much you owe each other rather than waste time trying to count up exact change in restaurants, etc.
  • If you’re somewhere slightly dodgy, use plain black headphones for your iPod/iPhone instead of the tell-tale white ones.
  • I’ve mentioned previously that flattery can go a long way. So can a simple smile 🙂

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