Oh, Vegas

Las Vegas…what can I say? It has never been on my list of places to see before I die but seeing as I was going to be in LA for a few days I figured, “why not?”

I knew what I was in for. Bright lights, big boobs, rows and rows of slot machines, excessive consumption, incomparable levels of consumerism….the list goes on. There are no rules in Vegas. It’s like being in another world, a make-believe world. What attracts tourists to Vegas? The promise of transient hedonism. 

After experiencing so many natural, humbling moments during the past 7 months I knew that I’d have to prepare myself for Vegas otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy it at all. Here’s how I did that:

  • Realise that Vegas is much more than just The Strip. In fact, over 560,000 people live in Las Vegas and over 2.2 million in the Las Vegas metropolitan area so most of the city looks nothing like what you see on The Strip
  • Take advantage of the location to do trips to some of the stunning attractions nearby, for instance Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon
  • Walk The Strip to admire all the crazy dressed-up people (e.g. a midget Elvis with a snake)
  • Go see a show – you won’t be short of options
  • Read up on the city’s interesting history which includes Mormons, mining and gangsters like Bugsy Siegel
  • Check out the history of Fremont St which is named after John C. Frémont, an American military officer and explorer
  • Take advantage of free drink hours at one of the many hotel clubs (I think this is easier to come by if you’re a girl!)
  • Check out Wikitravel’s page on Vegas – it has a huge list of what to see, where to dine, what to do and where to stay

I wouldn’t do Vegas alone and I was lucky enough to be able to go with a good friend. We had an absolute blast together but as we departed I recognized that as a travel destination, Sin City just isn’t a right fit for me and unless fate somehow leads me to Vegas again in the future I’ll be quite happy to return via arm-chair travel, Hollywood films and gangster biographies.


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2 thoughts on “Oh, Vegas

  1. FT says:

    Massive WTF?! Too weird….

  2. Solange says:

    Captions: Pic 1 – En route to Vegas. Pic 2 – Bellagio Fountains. Pic 3 – Before PeepShow. Pic 4 – Eiffel Tower. Pic 5 & 6 – Fremont St. Pic 7 & 8 – New York, New York. Pic 9 – In a shop. Pic 10 – Paris. Pic 11 – MGM Grand Lobby. Pic 12 & 13 – At Fremont St. Pic 14 – Las Vegas sign at sunset.

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