The strangest conversation I’ve ever heard on a bus

Scene – On the number 6 bus in San Francisco at peak hour in the afternoon, a man in the middle of the bus starts telling everyone on the bus about his drug addiction. Some other passengers tell him to shut up, and others contribute to the conversation.

Meth man: “Hey everybody! Guess what? Tonight I’m gonna smoke some meth! Do you know what that is?”
Old African American man (who is sitting up front): “Yeah, I know what that is! Does it make you as horny as it makes me?”
African American woman: “All I know is that it ages you 40 years in about 1 year.”
Meth man: (Nervously) Ah, haha, no it doesn’t! What it does do though is brings you closer to Jesus Christ, it’s the ONLY WAY! Who wants to smoke some meth with me?”
Old African American man (to boarding passengers): “Watch my coat! Nobody step on my coat!”
Meth man: (Desperately) “Oh man, I’m gonna get it in 3 hours, oh, I just need to make sure I get some before sunset, oh man!!! Please just let it be before sunset!”
Man sitting to my right (talking to a man that’s standing): “Um, sir? You have a toothpick sticking out of your pants.”
Toothpick man: “Oh, thanks.” (Tucks it into his pocket)
Meth man (after incomprehensible mumbling): “FURTHERMORE, let me tell you something. A man can eat a 10 pound steak and NOTHING CHANGES!”
Old African American man: “Now you just ain’t makin’ any sense. I’d shut up now if I were you.”
Meth man: “Ahaha, do you speak Greek? Are you saying that I’m speaking Greek?”
Old African American man: “Do I LOOK like I can speak Greek to you?”
Man to my left starts reciting Greek grammar from a huge book, and I am left wondering if I’ve been drugged.

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4 thoughts on “The strangest conversation I’ve ever heard on a bus

  1. Esther says:

    Just… wow.

  2. Anna says:

    I like… I also like that your blogs make the best procrastination devices! xox

  3. Solange says:

    Haha, glad to be of assistance 😉

  4. […] years ago I came to San Francisco for the first time, and the conversations in this awesome city took me by surprise in their randomness and entertainment […]

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