Holding a tarantula in Victoria, BC

One of the goals I set myself for the year was to hold a spider, and preferably a tarantula. I’m no arachnophobe but spiders generally do scare me so I thought this would be a suitable goal to set. But I never would have guessed that this would happen in Victoria, BC! Wandering through the city I chanced upon the Victoria Bug Zoo, which looked as if it was mostly for children, but I went inside to check it out anyway. “Do you have tarantulas?” I enquired. “Yes, we do!” replied the cheery girl at reception. “Can I hold it?” I responded. “You can hold whatever the guides are talking about, sure!” 


So there I was, inside the Bug Zoo watching the guide talking about a hairy, black tarantula. “Who wants to hold it?” I didn’t answer with my voice, but I did extend my hand. I was a little nervous but it all went away as soon as I had the little thing in my hand. It was furry, soft and dare I say it, adorable. So I’ve achieved my goal but now I want a tarantula for a pet.


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