Dogs, dogs, beautiful dogs

I really can’t get enough of them and have been very lucky on this trip to have met so many gorgeous ones! 

My friend Solenne with a puppy we came across in Valparaiso 


1) Enzo, my aunty’s family dog who sadly passed away in April
2) Blondy, my friend Emilce’s energetic young Boxer
3) Lola the Poodle, also Emilce’s
4) Pilu, my grandparents’ dog they rescued from the street
5) The dog from the hostel in Bariloche
6) A lovely dog that we met on the street in Bariloche
7) The big dog that followed us around in El Calafate
8) The under-the-table dog in Cafayate
9) Hungry dog in Cafayate
10) Cutest little things in Cafayate
11) Brutus, my aunty’s family’s Great Dane puppy 

The dog that sat with us while we waited for the bus to Machu Picchu at 5am


1) The friendly boy at Dingle Peninsula
2) Irish Wolfhounds having lunch at Dunbrody 

A big friend and a little friend on Midsummer’s Day


1) Mitch, my friend Saul’s dog in NYC
2) Angry little sausage dog a the Boston Public Garden
3) Lucy, Megan and Anthony’s beautiful dog in Seattle


All images appearing on this blog ( may not be reproduced, copied or manipulated without the written permission of Solange Francois© 2010


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