More eavesdropping and conversations in America

Here's the sequel to my "Eavesdropping in America" post, with a few more snippets to make you feel like you're right here with me!

Scene – At a cellphone store in NYC when I was purchasing a phone and one-month plan.
Vendor: "You French?"
Me: "No, I'm actually from New Zealand."
Vendor: "Oh, OK. But you seem French to me."
Me: "I was born in Argentina, maybe that's it?"
A few minutes pass while he's processing the phone
Vendor: "OK, I need your name."
Me: "Sure, it's, uh, Solange Francois."
Vendor (looking at me funny): "'Solange Francois'!? Dayum! If that ain't French, I sure as hell don't know what is!"

Scene – Two girls in Boston on the train.
Girl 1: "Oh my God, Becky, check out that guy who just got off, check out his glasses!"
Girl 2: "Oh my God, they're like those joke glasses you got me for my birthday last year."
Girl 1" "Yeah, like you're not actually supposed to wear glasses like that in public."

Scene – Bus driver from NYC to Boston explaining where the bus is going.
"This bus is going to Boston and Boston only. If you ain't spose' ta be goin' ta Boston, you're on the wrong bus."

Scene – At the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago two girls are talking about a fish that looks like a rock.
Girl 1: "Did you SEE that fish that looks like a rock? LOOK!"
Girl 2: "Uh, that is a rock."
Girl 1: "No it's not, it's a fish!"
(Fish moves a bit)
Girl 2: "Oh shit, that's not a rock at all!"

Scene – I'm chatting to a woman from Louisiana on the train in Boston.
Woman: "Oh my, you're travelling for 7 months?!"
Me: "Yep!"
Woman: "Oh gosh, that just scares the hell outta me. I'm in a state just coming to Boston and I've never been outside of America."
Me: "And do you want to?"
Woman: "No, I've no desire, everything's just so far away! But you go girl, have fun and don't get married too young like I did!"

Scene – A voluptuous African American woman is getting excited about the drummer at Jazz Night at Shedd Aquarium. This comment is just after his amazing solo:
"Oh YEAH! Can't get enough, baby! You is makin' me HOT and it ain't got nothin' ta do with the weather!

Scene – I'm walking through the Art Institute of Chicago and a museum staff talks to me.
Museum staff: "I like your walk."
Me: "Sorry, my what?"
Museum staff: "Your walk."
Me: "Oh, my walk? Oh, OK, thank you…."

Scene – A bunch of people that I meet ask me where I'm from.
Person 1: "Where in Sydney are you from?"
Person 2: "Where in the UK are you from?"
Person 3: "You from South Africa?"

Scene – A homeless man asking for money in Chicago.
"Who's got a spare $4 million dollas? Spare $4 million dollas, anyone? Don't be shy."

Scene – I ask a man (who's first language didn't turn out to be English) on the street in NYC a question.
Me: "Excuse me, can you please tell me where the Tourism Office is?
Man: "Yeah, see there, that's it there, Toys'R'Us!"
Me: "Um, no, I meant the Tourism Office…"
Man: "Yeah, Toys'R'Us!"
Me: "Yeah, that's not what I'm saying….nevermind…."

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