Eavesdropping in America

Over the last 8 days I've overheard many conversations….on the subway, in eateries, and on the street. It's not like I'm trying to listen in, but in Paris I couldn't understand everything and in London people are more reserved, so I really cannot help but just take it in here. The following conversations took place in New York and Boston, and the final conversation (which happened about one hour ago) actually involved me, but it was weird. Very weird.

Scene – Two African American women see each other on the street in NYC.
Woman 1: “It's so good to see you! How's little Annie?”
Woman 2: “Annie's good, she's 13 now so she ain't no baby no more!”

Scene – Condom vendor near Brooklyn Bridge.
“Condoms! Get your Obama condoms here! Obama condoms, for hard times!”

Scene – Hot dog vendor on the street in NYC.
“Hawt dawgs, pretzels, ice col' water!”

Scene – A girl talking to her friends on the subway in NYC.
Girl: “And then, I was like, OK, why didn't you invite her to the party, and she was like, whatever, when she had that party at your place I wasn't invited, and I was like, just invite her to the party!”

Scene – A man sitting outside a cafe in NYC calls out to the waiter.
“Hey, Rico! Why dontcha get me another cawfee?”

Scene – Two girls on the train in Boston talking about a bracelet.
Girl 1: "Where did you get that?"
Girl 2: “Oh, I stole this from Ashley.”
Girl 1: “It's super cute!”

Scene – Two African American girls talking on the street in Cambridge.
Girl 1: “Yeah, I need to get me that nutrition book, what's it called?”
Girl 2: “Supersize Me, nigga!”

Scene – Two girls talking on the train in Boston.
Girl 1: “You never tell people I'm from Texas, OK? Tell them I'm living in Austin.”

Scene – Two women (cousins, I find out) are on the train to the airport with one of the women's sons who is about 12 years old. One woman starts feeling sick.
Woman: “Sister, if you throw up, I'm followin' ya!” 
Son: “And if that happens I'm gon' pretend like I don't know y'all!”

Scene – On the shuttle bus to Boston Logan Airport, a crazy man talks to me about a man in a green t-shirt who was getting off the bus.
Crazy man: “Look to your right. That's a green snake on two legs. Goodbye Mister Snake!”
Mr Snake: “Oh, OK, goodbye.”
Me: “Uhhhhhh…”

One thought on “Eavesdropping in America

  1. michal says:

    LOL!!! 😛

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