Dutch profiteroles

On Sunday my friend Jessie and I went to Noordwijk’s Pannekoekenhuisje, or to put it simply, Pancake House. Their specialty? Pancakes, of course. But I had a different type of pancake….the far smaller yet plumper poffertjes, meaning profiteroles. My serving of 10 came with lots of fresh strawberries, cream and vanilla ice-cream. Low in calories? No. Decadent? Without a doubt.


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5 thoughts on “Dutch profiteroles

  1. Myrto Lazopoulou says:
  2. Kelly says:

    ohhhh they look divine! I also love your crazy-eyes and sugar filled smile 🙂 We have a dutch bakery here, maybe I should check that out sometime… I fear it will be a loong time before we make it to the Netherlands 😦

  3. Ronald says:

    I’m having a mid morning coffee now; where are the profiteroles when you need them!!!!!

  4. Michelle Adelhelm says:

    When you get back to Auckland we will catch up and ask Lara’s Oma to join us on condition she makes us her Dutch Poffertjies and Pancakes. She is famous for them. I am sure that Donni will give the idea a thumbs up!!

  5. Solange says:

    You don’t need to ask me twice, Michelle! 🙂

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