A wedding, a steep staircase, a windy beach and orange everywhere – long weekend in Holland

On Thursday I went to CDG airport after French class to take a flight to Amsterdam. My German friend Jessie picked me up and we drove down to Noordwijkerhout, a town about 20 minutes south of Amsterdam. The purpose of the trip? A mutual friend’s wedding on Friday.

Tessa and Michiel were married on a cold but wonderful day. The celebrations started at midday with a casual lunch (after the couple had had their photos taken), then continued at the registry office followed by the church service. Dutch is not an easy language to grasp but I had fun trying when I sang along to the songs during the ceremony! 

After Tessa and Michiel had dinner with family, we joined them for a night of dancing at a venue that must have cost a fortune – it was spectacular! Set in the countryside, the what I can only describe as a “super-mansion” housed approximately 100 guests for consumption of wedding cake, nibbles and drink, and the viewing of hilarious skits that friends had prepared about the couple. Hilarious only because I could see how much everyone was laughing….I couldn’t understand a thing!

In addition, one of the evening’s highlights was taking part in a dance to the Greek Sirtaki music, which got the whole party involved.

I held back with the red wine that night because I was suffering a sore throat from the chilly wind that day, but it was still a struggle to climb back up the stairs at our hotel. They were the steepest stairs I’ve ever seen, accompanied with the smallest-sized steps I’ve ever seen. In fact, the worst wasn’t having to climb them after a night of dancing in high-heels; the worst was coming back down with my suitcase when we left.

On Saturday Jessie and I watched The Netherlands vs Japan football match, for which the town was painted orange. The day finished with a visit to Noordwijk, a coastal village with a a beautiful beach that I can only imagine will be bustling when the middle of summer hits in a few weeks – but not with the crisp temperatures we experienced!


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