A meat injection of gastronomic proportions – the Argentinean asado

Sadly, our time in South America has come to an end. I could feel tears welling in my eyes as I hugged my aunt, uncle and cousins goodbye on Monday morning. They have been extraordinary hosts during our Buenos Aires stay and naturally did not let us leave before treating us to an Argentinean asado on Saturday night. Here’s what it consisted of:


  • Asado de tira (a strip of ribs)

  • Lomo (tenderloin)

  • Colita de Cuadril (tail of rump)

  • Chorizo

  • Salchicha Parrillera (a type of sausage containing both beef, pork and bacon)

  • Morcilla a la Vasca (blood sausage with spices, nuts, raisins, bacon and don’t ask what else, but it’s delicious)

The parilla (the grill where the asado is cooked) is located upstairs on the terrace of the house. While the fire is heating up the coals, the meat is seasoned and salted, and the parilla is cleaned with newspaper of any residue. The various cuts of meat are then placed on the parilla with the burning coals underneath. 

Slow and steady does it and the end result is delectable. All you need to add is a simple salad selection, fresh bread and a few bottles of Malbec….and it’s all even better if you have great company, like we did. It was the perfect culmination to our time in Argentina and if there is anything I was certain of as the plane ascended over Buenos Aires it’s that it won’t be long until I’m back there again. 



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