Poem time: A few things I miss

Despite my being in travel bliss,
There are a few things that I miss
My dogs come in at number one,
I miss their wagging tails a tonne
And at breakfast, after I awaken,
Eggs are nothing without bacon!
With the morning paper I have one gripe
When I turn it over, there’s no Sideswipe!
Concerning vanity, there’s one hard thing for me – 
The absence of my GHD
And another thing that really blows
Is that I have very few clothes
I also miss driving my car
Although here it wouldn’t get very far
I miss wines with Pip and lunches with Chris
And my family, especially my little sis
I miss Friday drinks with my old work mates
And catch-ups with friends to hear their updates

Why am I complaining? I hear you ponder
I too, for a moment also did wonder
The answer is in the last part of this rhyme,
It will only take a little more of your time
In spite of all the things I am without,
(One of which is not freshly-smoked Patagonian trout)
New, exciting things happen every day,
Which I will now try to convey…

Friendly dogs, for starters, are aplenty,
Today I must have seen close to twenty
Prosciutto and ice-cream are everywhere,
And they make me forget about the state of my hair
Reading Sideswipe online is growing on me,
And needless to say, it’s totally free
Buses here are cheap and luxurious
So who cares if the drivers sometimes get furious?
My lack of clothing makes mix ‘n’ match easy
And layers keep me warm or otherwise breezy
Keeping in touch is easy with Facebook and Skype
Or old fashioned emails which I do still type
Breath-taking sights make me gasp on repeat
And I feel more relaxed with no heels on my feet
Best of all are the awesome new people I’ve met
And with months left there are more to meet yet

Now I just want to say, to wrap up this jingle
That the joys of travel do make me tingle
But my life isn’t complete without the wide array
Of the things that I love, both at home and away.

4 thoughts on “Poem time: A few things I miss

  1. Liria says:

    I really enjoy your poems, Soli!!! Well done! They remind me of how easily dad would write a poem about any occasion that was interesting to him. You must have inherited his talent!

  2. Ronald says:

    first poem I ever read from anyone that I understand!!; nice one.

  3. Christine Udy says:

    awwwwwww … 🙂 ❤ I miss you!

  4. Emi y blondy says:

    te extrañamos….

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