The gringo has landed and now we’re in Patagonia

Yes, Nick arrived on Monday and we spent a few days in Buenos Aires before heading south to Bariloche on Friday. Bariloche (in the Patagonian* region of Argentina) shares the same latitude as Wellington but with the Andes next door there are some icy winds coming through, so our dress code has changed drastically in just a few days. 

Today we headed a little further south to the hippy town of El Bolson, where an artisan fair was being held. El Bolson is about 25kms north of Lago Puelo, and we were lucky with an opening in the clouds for half an hour so we could capture some decent images of the beautiful lake and the surrounding mountains.

A day with crystal clear waters, pine-coated mountains and wispy clouds shaped by Antarctic winds….you’d think it couldn’t get much better than this. But then we had a strawberry, dulce-de-leche, cream and chocolate sauce waffle at El Bolson, and it did. 

NB: Don’t quote me on the Antarctic winds, but it’s what it feels like.
* – The name Patagonia came from the word ‘Patagón’ meaning “big-footed”. Ferdinand Magellan’s (Fernão de Magalhães’) expedition thought that the large footprints that they came across in the snow were particularly large. The natives (Tehuelches) were indeed quite tall but the extra large footprints were due to the wearing of animal furs on their feet.



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6 thoughts on “The gringo has landed and now we’re in Patagonia

  1. Emily Harris says:

    Absolutely stunning shots!

  2. Solange says:

    Thank you! 🙂 Today I saw this link and thought of you:…Hope all is going well!

  3. maria mansson says:

    Beautiful! Seems like you are having a good time! xo

  4. Murray says:

    Sweet colours in that shot with the log

  5. Christine Udy says:

    These photos are insanely beautiful Miss Solange Francois! You are so talented! Compile them in a book. I will buy! x

  6. Solange says:

    You would get a complimentary copy, my dear 😉

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