This city just ain’t built for heavy rains: An Ode

Yesterday arvo, much to my elation
I had to go to Retiro bus station
To purchase a ticket that will take me away
Up north to Paraná this very Thursday

110 pesos later with ticket in hand
I continued my day as originally planned
But when I departed to get onto the subway
I noticed the skies has turned a dark shade of grey

The word "pouring" doesn't do this rain justice
I thought as I fell into a torrential abyss
Taxi cabs were too hard to flag down
So I waded through the water which was a slight tint of brown

I then reached what could only be described as an ocean
As my pants soaked through further I could feel the emotion
A tear almost fell when I lost my left flip flop
But luckily I found it when it sailed to the top

I was decidedly uncomfortable on my next subway ride
As you would be with wet pants and a damp backside
Yet I was excited at the thought of a hot cup of tea
And the opportunity to go for a much-needed pee

But as I approached my next stop of the day
A mighty gust of wind blew my way
Unsurprisingly, my large umbrella flipped 
And my thumb got caught and the skin was stripped

I did make it to my destination although bleeding and wet
After an adventurous afternoon I'll never forget
Kristina rescued me from the tumultuous sea
And we sat down to watch a movie on DVD

Again, the flooding featured on the evening news
The many people affected have very strong views
It's pretty clear to me now from the state of the drains
That this city just ain't built for such heavy rains!
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5 thoughts on “This city just ain’t built for heavy rains: An Ode

  1. Esther says:

    Brilliant poem Solange! Hey you may have ended up soaked and bleeding but at least you still have both your jandals…

  2. Christine Udy says:

    That’s talent!! Laugh out loud at “slight tint of brown” and “much needed pee” and ouch to the “skin was stripped”! That was an ordeal of a day indeed, Frilly!

  3. LIria says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The poem was hilarious, Soli! In a way, it was lucky you were wearing your thongs. I doubt any other kind of shoe would have resisted such a downpour… except for the goold old Aussie gumboots!

  4. Donni says:

    You are brilliant Miss S!

  5. Solange says:

    Hehe thanks guys! 🙂 Pleased to report that thumb has made a full recovery after a few days of looking and feeling pretty gross!

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