Anchor me, in the middle of…..Chile!



I don’t know what this anchor is, but I like it. Plus, it serves as a suitable visual depiction as to how I feel in Santiago – pretty well grounded. 
Great weather? Check. Friendly people? Check. A variety of interesting drinks? Check. In the last two days I’ve tried these:
  • Beer mixed with Fanta – not my personal favourite but it is original
  • Basil and vodka mojitos – truly delightful….yet another way to use this versatile herb
  • Pisco sour – incredibly tasty but just one bowled me over for a few hours
  • A white wine with peach juice concoction – delicious!
Oh, and how could I forget? CHILEAN WINE!


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5 thoughts on “Anchor me, in the middle of…..Chile!

  1. Frank Gibson says:

    Cool photo and sounds like an amazing time. Beer mixed with fanta appeals to the long lost teenager in me.Basil is great in cocktails, never had a basil mojito, but I have had a Bombay Bramble (Gin with muddled basil and blueberries).

  2. Kelly says:

    Beer mixed with fanta – I have to say it’s not that bad. Piscos = happiness in South America (well until you reach the malbec) and I’d love to try a basil & vodka mojito. Sounds like you’re having an awesome (and hydrated) time! Are you visiting any of the Santiago vineyards?Also, we have a large anchor just like that (my Tofino Album) :)Happy travels xx

  3. Solange says:

    Mmmm, the Bombay Bramble sounds great! Basil = pure awesomeness.And yep Kelly, will for sure be visiting a vineyard 🙂

  4. Liv says:

    OoOh Basil Mojito – that sounds fantastic! I’m definitely going to try making one at home. Sounds like you’re already having an amazing time. I’m loving reading your posts!

  5. Solange says:

    Thanks Liv! I am most certainly having an amazing time 🙂

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